Twitch streamer does face reveal and turns out to be a “Gigachad”

SauronWins as seen during his Twitch face revealTwitch: SauronWins

Twitch streamer ‘SauronWins’ has shown how he looks on camera for the first time, and in doing so he shocked viewers by revealing his amazing physique.

It’s not that rare for content creators and influencers to hide their faces, sometimes a face cam just doesn’t suit their content or they want to remain anonymous because of possible harassment.

Some even integrate anonymity into their online personas, like Corpse Husband or TheSkiMaskGirl, constantly teasing fans with partial face reveals.

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SauronWins went the opposite way as his face reveal, as it pretty much jumpstarted his potential rise to popularity.

Clips of the streamer revealing his face and impressive physique to the perfectly picked music from the Ghost in the Shell movie made their way around the internet, garnering 224,500 views on Twitch and making it to the top-rated posts of the month on the LivestreamFail subreddit.

SauronWins face reveals his way into Twitch stardom

According to Twitch Tracker, SauronWins instantly spiked in followers following his face reveal, gaining 180 new potential viewers of his channel.

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While this number doesn’t sound big compared to titans of the platform, it previously took Sauron six months of streaming for upwards of 8 hours every other day to gain this much traction.

Users around the internet praised this move on part of Sauron, from the idea itself to the musical choice for his reveal.

“Note to self: If you ever get famous on YouTube/twitch only show yourself as soon as you get jacked like this dude,” commented one user.

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“Ghost in the Shell soundtrack really elevates the reveal,” added another user from the same thread.

Others simply made jokes about the situation. “Weakest artifact player,” reads one comment referencing the fact that SauronWins streams a lot in the Artifact category.

For now, it is unclear if the streamer burst into mainstream popularity, but he definitely already left a huge impression on a very wide audience.