Mysterious TikTok star TheSkiMaskGirl breaks the internet with viral face reveal

SkiMaskGirl goes viral for face revealTikTok: theskimaskgirl

TikTok star ‘TheSkiMaskGirl’ has finally gone full “mask off,” revealing her face in a video that’s taking over social media.

It’s not uncommon for certain influencers to avoid showing their faces online in order to protect themselves from harassment or invasions of privacy.

In fact, quite a few social media stars have made it a big part of their brand, like Corpse Husband, who refuses to show his face even after gaining international fame for his deep voice and original music.

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However, others, like Minecraft star Dream, have shaken off their ‘faceless’ persona in favor of making the big reveal — to a plethora of both positive and reactions from fans.

TheSkiMaskGirl goes viral for long-awaited face reveal

TheSkiMaskGirl is one of these faceless creators… or, rather, “was.” As her name suggests, SkiMaskGirl is always seen wearing a ski mask, with cutouts around her eyes and mouth.

For years, fans were itching for her to finally show her face, and on January 22, she finally granted their wishes.

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In a clip that’s garnered over four million views at the time of writing, TheSkiMaskGirl gave fans a short peek at what her face looks like in a mirror before panning back to herself wearing a mask again.

Although it’s just a brief glimpse, it’s enough for her fans to go crazy, with many complimenting the star’s looks in the comments section.

This isn’t the first time that SkiMaskGirl has done a face reveal of sorts, although it is the biggest one she’s done, thus far.

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Back in 2022, she went live, holding up a handkerchief that covered the lower half of her face. During the stream, her dog jumped up and yanked the cloth away, giving fans just the briefest of glimpses at her real face.

TheSkiMaskGirl thanks fans for positive response to face reveal

Now, we know what she really looks like — and it’s clear that fans are here for this new chapter in her TikTok career. So much so, that she took the time to thank all her viewers for their positive responses to her face reveal in a follow-up video.

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“I just have to say thank you,” she said. “I was very anxious posting this video — obviously, my first face reveal ever, and the internet can be a very, very mean place. You guys have been nothing but kind and supportive. I’m very grateful. I love you.”

For now, she has yet to post any other videos showing off her full face, but fans are here for her content either way.

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