Twitch streamer banned after shooting his camera man with a crossbow

Man shot with crossbow on Twitch streamOfficial Duck Studios | Twitch

During a Twitch livestream, Reice, a.k.a. the founder of Official Duck Studios, shot at his cameraman Joey through a door with a crossbow. The bolt penetrated the door, hitting Joey in the stomach.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens on IRL Twitch streams. From people falling over and hurting themselves to near-death experiences and even people getting their belongings stolen while live, you never know what’s going to happen when someone goes live on the platform.

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Official Duck Studios, a YouTube channel spearheaded by a man named Reice, did a drunk livestream where they were doing some target practice with a crossbow. They got curious about whether or not the crossbow could go through the door and sent camera man Joey behind the door to find out if it would hit him.

Playing with a deadly weapon on stream probably wasn’t the best idea, as they found out after Joey stood behind a door that was the target for Reice’s experiment. It didn’t go well.

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Twitch streamer shoots camera man through door with crossbow

The conversation began with Reice asking his chat whether or not they thought the crossbow bolt would go through the door, letting his chat vote on it.

Despite most of them saying yes and he himself saying the door was “toast” if it got shot by the bolt, they sent Joey behind the door anyways and shot at him. Before lining up the shot, Reice said, “Crossbow is pulled back, safety is off. Place your bets.”

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The bolt was fired.

Though Joey didn’t have a mic on him, he could be heard wailing in pain from the other side of the door as he collapsed with the camera in hand. For a minute or so, the camera went dark until the group swapped to their computer’s webcam.

Soon after, Joey walked in and showed his injury on the livestream, with Reice screaming, “That looks real bad!” followed by Joey confirming that “it don’t feel good” and yelling at his friends for shooting “through his favorite shirt.”

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Man shot with crossbow on Twitch livestreamOfficial Duck Studios | Twitch
Joey being given a beer after being shot in the stomach

Reice proclaimed that he should do “No more streaming with alcohol.” Joey proceeded to drink a beer with chat spamming things like “HOSPITAL” and “YOU SHOT JOEY” after seeing the severity of the wound.

A viewer donated with a message that reads, “Attention idiots: go to hospital. Internal bleeding possible. Stop being drunk morons and get actual care going.”

Before ending the stream, Reice said, “Please ban us, Twitch. It’s probably for the best.” They’ve since been banned from the platform.

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Tweets from Reice following the incident have been generally light-hearted, with him joking that they’ve got the only “live wallbang” that’s ever happened on a livestream. Joey seems to be on the mend following the incident, but it’s as of yet unclear whether or not they’ll ever get unbanned on Twitch.

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