Twitch pushes ad incentive program changes after controversial launch

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Twitch’s ad incentive program launched controversially amid discussions of the creator pay split earlier in 2022. The platform is aiming at making it more flexible, pushing out a swathe of changes across the coming months.

Twitch has been locked in a battle with its star creators over revenue across 2022. After declining a rise in the 50-50 revenue split from subscriptions, the platform instead created a new “ad incentive program” with guaranteed returns for showing ads.

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While some creators got six-figure offers per month under the new initiative, many labeled it “disrespectful” due to incentivizing running a huge amount of ads ⁠— upwards of 8 minutes of commercials an hour ⁠— at the cost of their content. Some creators even got worse offers than existing revenue streams from ads with the new model in place.

The platform isn’t backing down from its stance regarding revenue splits and advertising. However, Twitch is planning some major changes to the ad incentive program for 2023 to make it more “flexible” for creators.

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“We’re working to improve the ads incentive program for all of our community,” community marketing manager Mary Kish told Twitch users on November 17

This includes a number of changes, including offering reduced ad density options, so creators can opt-in without having to broadcast an excessive amount of commercials.

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“Some partners are finding their offers are featuring ad density that is too high,” Kish explained. “For offers this month, and for the next couple of months, we are offering reduced ad density options. 

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“For example, you’ll see an option that is a couple of minutes lower than the ad density you ran last month. Ad density options will still be available, and we hope this helps. We want you to know you shouldn’t feel obligated to increase your ad density ⁠— you can also reduce your ad density and participate.”

The platform also reminded streamers if they don’t meet the streaming hours requirement for their ad offers each month as well, they’ll be paid a percentage based on what they did fulfill.

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Further changes are planned for 2023 and beyond as Twitch tries to please its creators with the new revenue stream: “We’re working on an updated, more flexible version of the ad incentive program. We think this will help greatly, and we will have more to share early next year.”

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