Twitch streamer fires back at new Partner Plus program’s “unobtainable” requirements

PaladinAmber hits out at TwitchPaladinAmber/Instagram

Twitch streamer PaladinAmber has called out Twitch for their new Partner Plus program requirements and describes them as unobtainable for most streamers.

Earlier this week, Twitch revealed its new Partner Plus program, allowing those who qualify for the sought-after 70/30 revenue split.

Streamers were ecstatic about the announcement – until they read the requirements.

Twitch explains: “Partners must maintain a sub count of at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months.

“Once that happens, Partners will be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months, even if you dip below the subscription threshold during the 12-month period.”

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Another condition is that it will only be paid out until you reach $100k in revenue.

PaladinAmber hits back at Twitch’s new Partner Plus program

One of the streamers who has expressed their thoughts about Twitch’s new Partner Plus program is PaladinAmber.

She retweeted Twitch’s announcement tweet and said: “F**k it, this was the secret deal that they offered other streamers, if you hit this quota for three months you got the deal indefinitely, now they’ve added a cap for the time period of 12 months. Meaning every year you have to hit this.”

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She continued: “Economically unless you’re sitting at around 1k viewers or more this is so unobtainable right now based of off individual and reoccurring subs, not gifted and not prime. People cannot afford to sub, people are canceling their subs due to financial reasons and this doesn’t help the streamers at all.”

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She went on to say: “NO platform deserves 50% of the income a creator derives! Saying “we give you a stage” is dog shit, you don’t give any of us a stage, you give us an empty room where we have to invite, promote, create and direct content to entice people to join and watch.”

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She continued to say that if she were to end up being banned from Twitch just for speaking up against the program, she would continue to stream on Kick and YouTube.

Twitch worker replies to PaladinAmber’s complaints

Merry Kish, a Director of Community Marketing & Production at Twitch, replied to PaladinAmber’s tweet chain.

She said: “You would never get a ban from talking about rev share and what you want from a deal like this. I think the hope is that it creates transparency around a deal that was behind closed doors for so long, but I agree its a select few that can benefit from it.”

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PaladinAmber replied: “The hardest part is I know it’s not the employees at twitch, through and through you are all working a job to live and survive too, I just know that this will truthfully only work for those in a completely different category, than a large majority of us but I appreciate the hard work you’re doing!”

“We’re all working a job to survive. How you, a streamer who makes a living off of content creation, continue to grow and be successful is my success metric. Bc if you can’t do it, I’m out of a job too. I think is a move in the right direction, but more work in growth is needed,” Merry replied.

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