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Twitch IRL streamer JakenBake helped by strangers after nearly passing out

Published: 25/Jul/2021 0:49

by Alan Bernal


Viewers of popular streamer ‘Jake’n’Bake’ were concerned for the Twitch IRL figure when the heat in Austin, Texas almost overcame him and he had to be helped by strangers nearby.

Austin and the rest of the US are experiencing a summer heat wave, with many places in a drought. JakenBake was out walking and exploring as he usually does, but a few hours into the trip he was starting to feel odd.

“I feel a little bit uneasy. Woozy. Three hours of sleep. My body needs to recover,” he said earlier during his stream. It wasn’t long after when the streamer felt too worn out to continue and was starting to call it a day.


He was moving from patch of shade to the next during his travels on a campus, noting how his body just wasn’t feeling right.

In his search to find refuge nearby, Jake seemed especially uncomfortable and flagged down some strangers passing by. Asking for help to get indoors, he explained that he was worried he “might be having a heat stroke.”

After settling down and taking in water, Jake said he felt fine but called the moment a “close call” while thanking the people who helped him.

Jake ended his stream soon after, and gave his followers some reassurance shortly after taking a Uber back to his hotel.

“Back at hotel now, got some snacks and water,” Jake said. “Need to rest up a bit. Lack of sleep, days of alcohol, and crazy heat probably made me feel a bit woozy. Sorry to make you guys worry. We should be good.”


The moment on stream was pretty worrying for those catching it live, but Jake said he’ll be alright and should be looking forward to more IRL Twitch streams after a bit of recovery.