xQc calls out “PR Andy” streamers like Hasan and Ludwig who try hard to look “good”

xQc calls out "PR Andy" streamers like Hasan and Ludwig who try to be "good"Twitch: xQc / Hasan

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel called out Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren, and Mizkif for being “PR Andy’s,” claiming they side with public opinions to make it look like they’re on the “good side.”

Ever since H3H3 Productions’ Ethan Klein re-joined Twitch and called out a number of streamers for their involvement in gambling streams on the platform, a heated debate has been waging on between himself and others.

Adin Ross, Hasan, Mizkif, and Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam have all shared their thoughts on the issue.

It wasn’t long before xQc got involved, too. He called Ethan “shameless” for “throwing everybody under the bus” and insisted that even though he’s now against gambling streams, it’s not right to call them “scams.”

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But now that the debate has settled down, xQc took a swipe at Hasan, Ludwig, Mizkif, and other streamers for being what he described as “PR Andy’s.”

xQc explains why he thinks Twitch gamblers aren't scamming viewersTwitter: xQc / Wikimedia Commons
xQc has been caught up in the Twitch gambling stream debate.

“I hate it when you guys say somebody is on [my] side. He’s defending you. I hate it when people do that. It’s really, really dumb,” he said.

“It’s appalling that people can’t see PR Andy’s these days. I hate it. I’m just going to say it. A lot of people are literally PR Andy’s.”

He singled out Hasan, Ludwig, and Mizkif, claiming they only defend him when it suits them. He also accused them of telling “small, tiny lies” to look like they’re on the “good side” of any given issue, and people “eat it up.”

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“[They] maintain a stance that doesn’t make them look bad and agrees with popular opinion while actively sh*tting on people,” he explained. “I don’t know why people can’t see through it, though… it is so disappointing.”

People had mixed reactions to his comments.

One fan claimed it was “sad to see” him lump them into the same category as others who have been more critical of him. Another insisted that being nice doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it for public relations.

In the end, though, it seems like xQc has made up his mind. After all, it’s not the first time he’s butted heads with them. However, they’ve always found a way to patch things up.

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