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Twitch bodypainter gets unbanned after criticizing platform

Published: 22/Feb/2020 14:12

by Connor Bennett


Forkgirl, the bodypainting streamer who received an indefinite ban from Twitch, has called on her fellow broadcasters to “keep holding Twitch accountable” after she finally had her suspension lifted. 

On February 18, Forkgirl claimed that she had received a “wrongful” ban from Twitch after being handed an indefinite suspension for showcasing “nudity” on a stream.

The bodypainting broadcaster, who has amassed close to 10,000 followers on the platform, compared the look that she had received the suspension for against something similar that was fine. As fans couldn’t quite believe it, she took aim at the platform and mocked their “please watch us closely and hold us accountable” tweet, by asking them to review the suspension. 


forkgirl_cosplay Instagram
Forkgirl received an indefinite suspension from Twitch for showcasing nudity of stream.

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After a campaign of support from her fans, fellow streamers, and others, Forkgirl revealed on February 21 that her suspension had been reviewed by Twitch and they had decided to overturn the ban.

The streamer tweeted out the response she had received from Twitch regarding her appeal, as they stated that bodypainting is allowed on the platform, but she had violated the requirement to fully cover the chest. 

Twitch claimed that they had recognized that a “good faith attempt was made to comply” with the rules and, therefore, they had overturned the ban.

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However, despite thanking them for their change of heart and thanking everyone for their backing, Forkgirl noted that streamers have to keep Twitch on their toes. 


“I really appreciate Twitch making this right, but this wasn’t just about me, and we need to keep holding Twitch accountable,” she tweeted before dropping a follow-up. “We are STILL asking for clearer guidelines and a proper policy on what is and isn’t okay on your platform, because this could still happen to ANYONE!”

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Twitch has an extensive list of rules and has, in the past, attempted to clear up any grey areas that might surround categories like Just Chatting and bodypainting.

However, it is clear from Forkgirl’s case that they still have some way to go in further clearing those areas up. Whether they do so, though, still remains to be seen.