Twitch bans streamer’s adorable hippo emote for ‘sexual’ content

Michael Gwilliam
ScummN hippo emote banned

Twitch is under fire for banning a Warzone streamer’s hippo emote for sexual content, much to the chagrin of his fans.

Emotes are a major part of Twitch culture with streamers creating their own for viewers to gain access to by subscribing. Sadly, in recent months, some have been disallowed for some strange reasons.

For instance, in July, the Amazon-owned platform pulled ConnorEatsPants’ dancing money emote for sexual content, sparking plenty of debate over its removal.

Now, on August 8, Warzone streamer ScummN’s emote of a hippo with its back turned to look at the camera was removed for containing sexual imagery – something that confused the streamer and his fans.

Warzone streamer baffled after Twitch bans hippo emote

In a screenshot, ScummN shared an email from Twitch claiming his scummnSUSSY emote contained nudity and sexual content. His fans did not take too kindly to the decision.

“They took away the best emote on Twitch,” one remarked.

“Week ruined because of this,” said another.

Some viewers even claimed they were unsubbing because they wouldn’t be able to use the emote anymore.

It’s not clear exactly why Twitch viewed the emote in a sexual light and decided to ban it, but given the site doesn’t comment on individual bans or channels, it’s unlikely we’re going to find out any time soon.

ScummN didn’t say whether or not he plans to appeal the decision or remake the emote in a slightly different way, but it will be interesting to see how the streamer deals with this situation so his fans can get back to using it or something similar on Twitch.

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