Twitch removes ConnorEatsPants’ dancing monkey emote due to sexual content rules

Twitch banner with 'connor6Monkey' emojiTwitch/ ConnorEatsPants

YouTuber ConnorEatsPants was stunned after learning that his Twitch emote ‘connor6Monkey’ had been removed from the platform for breaking rules on “sexual content” or “nudity.”

Emotes are an integral part of the Twitch community. Thanks to the creative minds of a plethora of users, the Amazon-owned platform boasts a wide catalog of images that have grown into a whole new language of their own.

However, Twitch has had to crack down hard in some cases due to some images breaching its terms of service. Some streamers have even banned from the site because of their “suggestive” emotes.

Twitch emote ‘connor6Monkey’, which features a monkey dancing, has become the latest to be sanctioned – much to the confusion of its creator.

Connor6Monkey Twitch emote removed for ‘nudity’

On July 26, Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants shared a screenshot of an email he’d received from Twitch informing him that his dancing monkey emote had been removed.

The reason given is that the emote breached the platform’s rules on “sexual content” or “nudity.” The email also explained that this included images with “sexualized torsos.”

Connor expressed his frustration with the notification saying he couldn’t “believe it.” He added: “I don’t wanna turn this into a ‘but you allow hot tub streams’ thing and get the leafy clones riled up… but come on, man.”

Fans were equally just as confused with one arguing that the image is “literally a Microsoft teams emote.”

The news comes after Twitch issued a blog post explaining how it uses machine learning to detect any rule-breaking emotes used on the platform. However, the site also believes “people violate Twitch’s Community Guidelines because they are simply not aware of them.”

Twitch hasn’t publicly commented on connor6Monkey’s removal, as of writing. Although, the move has proved nonetheless bizarre for Connor and his fans.