Emiru literally phones Riot dev after getting demolished during League stream

league of legends lol twitch streamer emiru with otk crown on on shadow isles backgroundRiot Games, Twitter: Emiru

Following a particularly brutal League of Legends stream, OTK star and Twitch cosplay sensation, Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk, called Riot Games’ Lead Champion Developer on-stream to slam Viego.

Whether you’re playing Riot Games’ flagship FPS, Valorant, or their iconic MOBA, League of Legends, anyone who has ever touched a Riot title knows there are some characters that are simply built different.

In recent LoL history, one of the most divisive champions has been Viego, the Ruined King. The brainchild of Lead Champion Developer, August ‘August‘ Browning, the character has cemented himself as one of the game’s most frustrating to play against.

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OTK star and Twitch sensation, Emiru, found this out the hard way, as an encounter with the wraith-like jungler left her so enraged that she called up August live on stream to complain.

league of legends lol viego splash artRiot Games
In his quest for his long-lost love Viego will take down anything that stands in his way – including Emiru.

Emiru calls up Riot dev during League of Legends rage

Midway through a game on Jhin, the enemy Viego darts out of the bottom side tribush and proceeds to stun the OTK cosplayer, promptly one-shotting her back to the fountain.

“I can’t even move!” she exclaims. “I’m calling August.” Picking up her phone and dialling, she puts the call on speaker. Answering almost immediately, the unfortunate dev asks “what’s up?”

“So why did you make it so Viego can kill me from full health?” she protests. “I’m stunned the whole time! I was ulted as Jhin and he just walked up and killed me.”

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“Well, when I was making Viego I thought ’y’know, one of these days Emily [Emiru] is going to play against him and I want her to have a really bad time,’ so I made him to counter Jhin [a champion that he also designed from the ground up]. That’s it, that’s the story actually.”

Giggling away she cries “I hate Riot – this is supposed to be my comfort game why did you do this?!” only to receive a somewhat menacing laugh in response. “I just thought that sometimes AD Carry players had to be put in their place!” he laughs.

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Despite having a pretty rough time against this Viego, we’re pretty sure Emiru’s time on the Rift isn’t done yet. August had better watch out, however, otherwise she may open the curtains and rain chaos down upon him – Jhin-style.