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xQc accuses Adin Ross’ teammate of cheating in Black Ops 2 wager match

Published: 5/Apr/2022 14:09

by Jacob Hale


Top Twitch streamers Adin Ross and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel decided to play a Black Ops 2 wager against one another with a few teammates — and it ended with xQc accusing Adin’s teammate of cheating.

Black Ops 2 may have come out all the way back in 2012, but to many, it remains the number one CoD game in the franchise’s extensive history.

To give fans a throwback to the ‘good old days’ of Call of Duty, Adin Ross and xQc went head-to-head in a BO2 wager match, and for the most part everyone was delighted, both players and fans alike.

Before long, though, things turned sour, as xQc’s team became suspicious of Adin’s teammate, Prime.


While playing on Hijacked, Prime can be seen laying prone on the left side of the map, but then calling out that the opponents are on the right, without actually seeing anybody to prove it. xQc said that this could be because of people in Prime’s chat suggesting that they’re on the right.

Prime himself said that he “can’t believe they’re accusing him of cheating,” while Adin tried to jump to his defense.

Prime then sought to prove that he wasn’t even looking at a different monitor to gather intel after being accused of it, showing that he doesn’t have any monitor in the direction he was being accused of. He claimed to have been looking at the minimap in the top right corner of his screen.


xQc’s stream ended shortly after, and while he wasn’t entirely convinced that Prime was cheating, he did have doubts over the legitimacy of his gameplay.

It’s fair to say that while this wager match brought Black Ops 2 back to the forefront of Twitch once again, we might not see these two teams facing off any time soon.