Twitch announces return of SUBtember: 2023 discounts on long-term subscriptions

Jeremy Gan
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Twitch has announced the return of SUBtember for 2023, giving viewers discounts on long-term subscriptions to their favorite creators. 

With September rolling in, Twitch is bringing back SUBtember, their yearly deal that gives viewers discounts on subscriptions to their favorite creator for a limited time. 

Starting on September 1 and lasting until October 1, the deal will give viewers discounts on subscriptions, with better deals available for long-term plans.

As explained in a blog post, this discount not only applies to new subscriptions but also to extending existing monthly subscriptions by three or six months and leveling up an existing Tier 1 sub to Tier 2 or Tier 3. 

Additionally, for those with a Prime or Gift Sub, are also eligible for the discounts if they plan to upgrade to a recurring subscription. 

Twitch also confirmed that just like other year’s editions, streamers will be paid for the full-priced sub they would normally get. Which is a 50/50 split or 70/30 split depending on if they are in the Partner Program.

Below is a full list of discounts viewers can get on their subscriptions: 

  • 25% off 1-month subscriptions
  • 25% off 3-month subscriptions
  • 30% off 6-month subscriptions

As for who is not eligible for the discounts, according to Twitch, they are as follows; currently existing recurring subscriptions, subscriptions canceled in September and then repurchased, Prime or Gift subs not being converted into paid subs, or new Turbo subscriptions.

So for those looking to perhaps renew a subscription or are interested in the SUBtember offers, the deal will launch on August 31 at 10AM PT / 5PM GMT / September 1 at 2AM JST until October 1 at 12AM PT / 7AM GMT / 4PM JST.

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