Twitch ban Cloud9 Smash pro Mango after appearing to pass out drunk on stream

David Purcell

Joseph ‘Mango’ Marquez left many of his fans in hysterics as he appeared to pass out drunk during a Twitch stream and fell to the floor late on January 6. He later received a ban from his Twitch overlords.

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The professional Super Smash Bros Melee player was seen celebrating after the Philadelphia Eagles sealed a last-gasp victory over the Chicago Bears in the NFL playoffs. The Eagles snatched the win in the final 56 seconds on Wild Card weekend, with the game finishing 16-15 in their favor. 

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Mango was clearly ecstatic with the defending Superbowl champions’ performance, but it would appear that he had one drink too many. After lifting his Blue Moon beer into the air, he dropped right next to the camera and out of shot.

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The streamer didn’t get up for around three minutes after it seemed he had initially collapsed and the stream went offline following his slump. He did emerge, though, but was clearly still intoxicated. Mango decided to bring the stream to a close around 10 minutes later after coming back online.

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Just a matter of hours after he passed out on stream, as expected, he received a ban from Twitch on his account. He posted an image of the ban on Twitter, revealing that it was for seven days due to ‘Dangerous consumption of drugs or alcohol’. He accompanied the picture with his own thoughts on the subject.

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The Smash pro player would later go on Twitter to defend what happened, and claimed that he was actually pretending to pass out in order to go and see his girlfriend.

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The two-time EVO champion has been seen drunk on his stream a number of times before, and the sight of him this intoxicated after an Eagles win will hardly shock his regular views. 

Ironically, during a past drunk stream, he ended up calling out Twitch staff members about the current state of the streaming platform. 

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“Woo, fuck the staff. This shit’s gone down since you fired everybody. Everybody knows Twitch has gone down straight to shit” he said on November 29 while playing Portal 2. “I’ve been waiting for a ban. I wanna go.”

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Despite trying to tempt Twitch into banning him on that occasion, Mango continued to stream and share some big moments with his fans, such as the Eagles’ playoff victory; he was clearly delighted with his team’s result. 

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