True Geordie Admits That the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight Did Not Go the Way He Expected

Virginia Glaze
True Geordie- YouTube

YouTuber and internet sportscaster Brian ‘True Geordie’ Davis uploaded a nearly 40-minute YouTube video giving his impression of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight, as well as his own backstory leading up to the event.

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In the video, Geordie revealed a heightened respect for Logan Paul, who he had previously called out for his controversial video in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest.’

Following Geordie’s interview with Paul on his podcast, which preceded the fight, he felt that they had come to an understanding over their differences – and likewise felt that Paul had the upper hand over KSI.

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He admitted that he believed in Paul’s gumption and called him a “born winner,” stating that Paul’s mental fortitude had “no quit.” He also cited Paul as a “big dude,” maintaining that his physique was a massive indicator for his then-upcoming performance.

“I know how much Logan values being number one… if he really didn’t believe that he wouldn’t at least look good in there, he would never have gotten in the ring, and that was enough to make me think… he’s not going to leave himself wide open.”

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While he felt that KSI’s experience and skill were greater, he didn’t think that the white-collar boxer would finish Paul off – and he wasn’t completely incorrect.

Geordie broke down the fight, believing their match was a true draw due to Logan’s strong start and second wind, as well as KSI’s endurance and skill. He expressed true sympathy for each YouTuber at the result, alongside awe that they had managed to create such a large event with a massive audience.

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While the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch has yet to be given a definite date, reports indicate that the fight will take place in February of 2019.