Karl Jacobs reveals injuries after moped accident sends him sliding

Karl Jacobs looking into the camera on the left, showing his bandages on the rightYouTube: Banter/Instagram: KarlJacobs

YouTuber Karl Jacobs has revealed his injuries that were caused by an accident on his moped that sent him sliding across the road.

Karl Jacobs has nearly become a household name thanks to his popularity online, amassing millions of followers across his platforms.

From being a Minecraft YouTuber, a member of MrBeast’s team, and even co-owner of Misfits Gaming, Jacobs has done it all.

In an episode of the Banter podcast, Karl Jacobs shared that he was in a moped accident and revealed his injuries that were caused by sliding across the road.

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Karl Jacobs reveals injuries caused by moped accident

On the May 24 episode, Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, and Georgenotfound were talking about how they were out on a drive together when the accident happened.

George was in front of the group in a go-kart when he decided to slam on his brakes, not realizing how close behind Karl was.

Having to react quickly, Jacobs slammed on the brakes of his moped which caused him to flip forward — sliding across the road as the bike landed back on top of him.

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(Topic starts at 4:44 in the video)

“Im pretty messed up right now,” Karl said after he showed the bandages and pictures of his injuries. “But it could have been a lot worse.”

He went on to mention that he tried to make sure George didn’t feel guilty about the accident, as it obviously wasn’t done on purpose.

Luckily for Karl, his injuries should heal pretty well in the coming weeks although it’s unclear whether or not his moped will be rideable.

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