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Trainwrecks calls out Twitch fans for transphobia against streamer

Published: 4/Oct/2020 13:48

by Joe Craven


Popular streamer Trainwreckstv threatened permanent bans for any of his viewers engaging in transphobia, after his Among Us squadmate and fellow streamer Bloody quit, possibly due to comments she was receiving. 

Among Us, as any Twitch viewer will know, has come to dominate the streaming platform. Top streamers including Trainwrecks, xQc and more came together once again on October 3, to whittle down their squad and find the impostor.

However, the stream took a sour turn when one player, Bloody, reported that she was going to hop off as she was receiving transphobic comments from viewers in her chat. She speculated that they were from fellow streamers’ chats.


“It’s been super fun playing with y’all,” Bloody said. “I will say though, I think my mods have been having a really hard day because I’m trans and I think a lot of people from a lot of peoples’ chat are coming in and being huge a**holes.”

In response, Train and Ludwig asked her to send over a list of the comments so they could permanently ban anyone who had come from their channels.

What followed was an outpouring of support for Bloody, with Train offering a warning to any of his viewers who engage in transphobia.


“I will not tolerate it,” he said. “I don’t care if you’ve gifted me a thousand subs, I don’t care if you’re a 48-month sub, you will be perma-banned… it’s disgusting of you, and it’s f**king embarrassing. Your sub won’t protect you.”

In the aftermath of the stream, Bloody described the night as “crazy”, as well as saying that she’s “really glad” she took the decision to stream again.

“[I] got a ton of hate, but got so much love and support too,” she tweeted. “Super appreciate folks like Ludwig Ahgren and Trainwreckstv stepping up and speaking out against transphobic a**holes tonight.”


Bloody streamer tweets

Bloody was clearly grateful for the support from bigger streamers, who were disappointed that she had to make the decision to stop gaming early due to the abuse she was receiving.

Twitch has a number of community guidelines relating to ‘Hateful Conduct’ which attempt to keep incidents like this down to a minimum. However, controlling the words and actions of tens of thousands of viewers is almost impossible, even for the biggest streamers.