Trainwreck claims gambling won’t stop on Twitch despite ban: “Nothing is going to change”

Connor Bennett
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Streaming star Trainwreck believes “nothing is going to change” when it comes to Twitch’s ban on gambling streams, given that there are plenty of ways to get around it.

While gambling has always had a home, and dedicated categories, on Twitch, it’s always been a pretty controversial topic given that the Twitch audience skews on the relatively younger side of things.

Plenty of streamers have called for a crackdown on the streams, with someone even demanding an outright ban of everything from in-game loot boxes to virtual casino games.

Some of these wishes have been obliged, with Twitch issuing a ban on a number of popular crypto-gambling sites that have partnered with some big names. However, Trainwreck believes nothing is really going to change on the platform.

Trainwreck says nothing will change after Twitch gambling ban

It was a topic that the Twitch star brought up on his October 5 stream, as he suggested that other streamers were jealous of those who had partnered with the now-banned websites.

“I was looking at these sites, they use the same providers, the same providers that H3H3 and all these other ones attacked, they use the same ones,” the streamer said.

“They have Pragmatic (games provider), they have all of them. So not much is going to change. You know, I was sitting here tripping and shit, but nothing is going to change at all.”

As noted, Twitch has banned specific sites like Stake, but gambling streams do continue on the site on those that were not named on the banned list.

While these other sites may use the same operators as the now-banned ones, those that have been banned are unregistered in certain countries like the United States and also partnered with streamers.

It remains to be seen if streamers will simpy be able to transfer their partnerships to different sites to get around the crackdown and if they’ll strike up new deals, or if Twitch will extend the new measures further.

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