Top 5 rising Twitch streamers you should be watching

by Virginia Glaze


While Twitch might be known for huge names like Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, there are a slew of rising stars in its ranks that have kicked up their content in massive ways over the course of 2019.

You may have heard of a few of them: whether through browsing sites like livestreamfails or by reading our news articles on Dexerto, these creators have made huge names for themselves amid Twitch’s top talent, amassing their own followings due to their hard work and dedication.

#5 - AshleyRoboto

While Twitch is known for its many hilarious moments that get captured on camera, Twitch star “AshleyRoboto” is one of the site’s top comedic streamers, known for her humorous clapbacks to angry commenters and gut-busting gaming broadcasts.


Although plenty of laughable instances crop up during her broadcasts, Ashley is also hailed for her hilarious video edits, which she posts to Twitter to further accentuate her audience’s viewing experience.

Both a skilled artist, internet personality, and gamer, AshleyRoboto’s “no-BS” sass is just what Twitch needs in the new year.

#4 - TheSushiDragon

While many fans hail the esteemed Dr Disrespect as boasting some of the greatest production value on Twitch, rising streamer “TheSushiDragon” has a setup worthy of rivaling the Two-Time Blockbuster Champion at his own game.

Starting with a simple greenscreen and Overwatch, TheSushiDragon’s streams quickly evolved from funny reactions into barely-contained madness, with the broadcaster introducing a slew of special effects in real-time thanks to a unique contraption he hooks to his body.


Using a series of panels on his arms and torso, the broadcaster is able to transition to different scenes on a whim — something he claims is the result of his ADD, which requires what he calls “constant stimulation.”

Now, he is able to perform incredible virtual dance routines for his 140k viewers, some of whom were introduced thanks to a massive raid by fellow streamer “Kitboga” in 2018.


(Video courtesy of Travis Gafford)

Thanks to his jaw-dropping creativity, hilarious sense of humor, and quick skills with his setup, TheSushiDragon went from losing his job to becoming a Partnered Twitch streamer within the span of a single week. That’s nothing to sniff at!

#3 - Kitboga

It’s not every day that you witness a superhero in real life, but that’s exactly what Twitch streamer “Kitboga” is — sort of. This unique broadcaster uses his know-how of the financial space to expose scammers in front of a live audience, often taking on the guises of humorous characters like an aging grandmother to dupe unsuspecting swindlers at their own game.


While much of his antics are nothing short of hilarious, many of Kitboga’s streams have taken emotional turns, as seen during an August broadcast when one scammer threatened to kill themselves as a guilt-tripping tactic to reign in money.

Wearing a pair of dark glasses to hide his identity from potentially angry scammers, Kitboga has managed to rack up an impressive 560k followers on Twitch during his time on the site, offering both popcorn-worthy entertainment and legitimate financial advice to help viewers avoid getting tangled into scams, themselves.

#2 - HAChubby

Korean Twitch streamer “HAChubby” made huge strides in growth in 2019, gaining viral popularity across sites like Reddit for her hilarious impressions of top star Dr Disrespect (see her “YAYAYA” rendition).

However, while her impressions may have earned her a slew of new followers, her humorous antics and bubbly personality made them stay, as evidenced by her heartwarming reaction to a fan's jaw-dropping donation for a new laptop.


That’s not all: HAChubby even broadcasted her part-time shifts at a convenience store, where she would often bump into customers at awkward times on camera — although she had to stop this practice after fans learned where she worked.

Known as Twitch’s resident meme-queen, HAChubby jokes that the chat has ‘“ruined” her, and often banters back and forth with both her own audience and other streamers in English as she continues to learn the second language.

Now, the IRL streamer boasts a whopping 148k followers on Twitch, where she broadcasts “Just Chatting” sessions with her viewers and trips abroad in wake of her smashing success on the site.

#1 - Sweet Anita

If there has been a streamer who’s dominated 2019, it would be none other than Twitch star “Sweet Anita.” While many broadcasters play games or conduct IRL streams, Anita stands out as a unique face amongst the crowd for a few reasons — one of the largest being her acute Tourette’s Syndrome.

Sweet Anita, Twitch
Sweet Anita, Twitch
Sweet Anita's acute Tourette's syndrome renders her a unique face on the platform.

Anita’s Tourette’s causes her to say any number of humorous and explicit phrases on stream without her control, rendering her broadcasts somewhat “not safe for work” for young ears. Despite the tumultuous nature of her vocabulary, Anita has managed to amass a healthy and positive community as a means of spreading awareness about her condition.

However, her Tourette’s caught some intense backlash in late 2019, after the streamer blurted out a racial slur during a broadcast. The outrage that followed called for Anita to be banned from the platform, with her outburst being compared to the cat-tossing scandal of streamer Alinity Divine.

In spite of the backlash, Anita claimed that she was grateful for her platform, and even humbly accepted the apology of a fellow streamer who wanted her to be permanently suspended from Twitch.

“I have faced a lot of people who’ve misunderstood me throughout my life,” Anita said in an interview with Thescore Esports. “I’ve been starved and punished… And I’m not angry. I am grateful now that I get a platform to get people talking about Tourette’s and informing each other.”


(Video courtesy of Thescore Esports)

Whatever the case may be, Anita has shown that she’s capable of using her newfound fame for a good cause — even if it’s a cause that some may not understand.

Here ends our list of Twitch’s top 5 rising stars. Was there anyone we missed? Who is your personal pick for the number one spot in upcoming Twitch talent? Let us know on Twitter @Dexerto who you would choose!