Who is SallyIsADog? The incredible story of TikTok’s CoD sniping king

Published: 4/Nov/2020 17:29 Updated: 4/Nov/2020 17:35

by Alice Hearing


TikTok isn’t the obvious source for Call of Duty news, tips and tricks, but believe it or not, gamers can find the answers they’re looking for there, all thanks to Kevin “Sallyisadog” Dollhopf.

With more than 1.3 million followers and more than 40 million overall likes, Sallyisadog is a rising star on the platform, and, unsurprisingly, now a part of the platform’s huge creator fund. The TikToker spoke to Dexerto about this rapid growth and his journey to becoming a full-time influencer.

How did Sallyisadog become popular?

Kevin first created his account in April as a result of lockdown in the US when the global health crisis first hit. He says, “If this all hadn’t happened, I don’t know where things would be.” He figured that if everyone was staying indoors, he might as well put all his efforts into his creative outlet online.

His TikTok blew up in just a matter of a few months: “There was one big video right at the start. There is like some weird Easter egg thing in the game. So I made a play about it,” he said. “I went to bed with twenty-five hundred followers and woke up with twenty-five thousand…I pleased the algorithm overlords.”

Kevin "sallyisadog" Dollhopf with Sally the dog
Kevin Dollhopf
Kevin’s dog Sally thinks that she is human

But it’s not just TikTok’s notoriously spot-on algorithm. Kevin attributes his success to his editing technique. When it comes to gaming content, it should naturally fall to YouTube or Twitch, because “half of the challenge is fitting gaming content on a vertical screen” and very few creators were doing that. In fact, according to Kevin, the only trendsetters in this niche on TikTok were Pineaqples and Buhberger, who are now his friends.

But size and spec weren’t the only things setting Kevin apart from his peers. “My entire mindset is that when I’m putting a video out there, it is competing with the totality of the Internet for attention.” When it comes down to the editing, a one-second difference can mean a brutal fall in engagement, and “any dead space, any dead time is a chance that someone can scroll away and go somewhere else.”

How has TikTok changed his life?

Sallyisadog has just made TikTok his full-time gig, having previously worked as a government policy advisor in Washington. Like other influencers before him, TikTok began as a side-hustle, but when the numbers grew, he reconsidered his options. He ditched the government job after five years, crunched the numbers, and dedicated his entire life to the app. “I was like, I could go sell my soul and lobby for a multinational corporation. Or I could do this. So it was a no brainer for me.”

Since making it big, Kevin gets noticed, and not just that one time he was recognized in Best Buy. He even had a spat with YouTube personality David Dobrik. He insulted Kevin’s in-game skin, with a mustache and glasses to replicate how he looks in real life, during a live stream, and said “damn, that guy’s character looks like he belongs behind the computer of this game. He does not look like he should be out here.”

@sallyisadog@daviddobrik I DEMAND an apology. ##cod ##gaming ##sallyisadog ##codmw ##warzone♬ original sound – lastmanstanley

Kevin snapped back with a video that garnered more than 3.5 million views, saying “David I’m not sure if you meant it personally or not but I would really appreciate an apology.” David even replied saying “I’m sorry it was the heat of the moment in battle, won’t happen again!!” And the attention from the globally famous internet star paid off – that week, the largest percentage of views on Kevin’s Twitch channel came from David Dobrik’s. He was also made a Twitch partner in September.

Is Sally actually a dog?

Yes! Kevin is the real name of the man behind the screen and Sally is the name of his actual dog. Kevin lives in Washington with his wife, and Sally the dog, who, according to Kevin, needs to be reminded of that fact: “she is a very spirited pooch and thinks that she is a person. So I constantly had to remind her that ‘Sally, you’re a dog,’ and I was like – that seems like a good name.”

@sallyisadognot sorry about the choke part ##sallyisadog ##callofduty ##gaming ##callofdutymodernwarfare♬ original sound – Sally is a dog

But now, due to his rise in followers, Kevin has virtually adopted the name, Sally. “It’s been weird because whenever I’m playing or if someone’s just talking to me online. They say, Sally…They’re calling me my dog’s name.” For the most part, Kevin’s followers DO know that Sally, indeed, is a dog.

TikTok could be the future for gaming content

Kevin says that the app makes it much easier to build a brand and to become mainstream when you’re growing from nothing and in this way he hopes to get on the same level as other massive names in the gaming industry.

To him, TikTok is the place to be: “YouTube videos are around ten minutes, but really it’s one minute of the YouTube video that’s really the meat. You kind of draw it out to get people to watch the whole thing. TikTok is that minute.”

Whether it’s for the slick gaming content, the feuds with internet superstars, or for occasional glimpses of an adorable pup, Sallyisadog is worth watching.

Call of Duty

Why Clayster flipped off CDL on-broadcast during Royal Ravens matchup

Published: 24/Feb/2021 4:13 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 4:14

by Brad Norton


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks flipped the bird to the Call of Duty League moments before the New York Subliners took on the Royal Ravens. Here’s why the veteran was all too frustrated before his latest matchup.

As players got settled into the lobby for the second week of CDL action in 2021, something clearly ticked off NYSL. There was visible frustration from the players before they kicked off the opening map.

Coming off a difficult 0-3 loss to the Los Angeles Thieves a week prior, the lineup was looking to rebound with a bang. Before they got their boots on the ground, however, a key moment from the previous week was broadcast for the world to see.

The CDL stream revealed Clayster’s heated comms after the disappointing loss. This private matter shouldn’t have been aired at all, according to Clay, let alone moments before their next match.

So, he took out his frustration the only way he could: flipping the bird on-stream.

“I had complained last time about showing my cam when I was super upset with my team,” he explained. “So I was pretty upset with them airing my after-match comms.”

Despite the 0-3 scoreline, NYSL’s series against the LA Thieves was one of the closest all week. The Hardpoint came within nine points, SnD went to a round 11, and Control went the distance as well.

Understandably, Clayster was fairly heated after the extremely close series that very well could have been a 3-0 in their favor.

“That was really bad guys,” he said in the now-public aftermath. “I don’t know what the f*** I watched. That was so stupid. We’re up 5-3 in the Search and we can’t close it out?”

This moment was captured on the broadcast last week but the comms were only just revealed today. Frustrated with the CDL running it without permission, Clayster stuck his middle finger up the next time his camera was on-stream.

“It was basically a nice little screw you before the match,” he said.

“I don’t appreciate that. I’m going to be having a talk with the league. If they’re going to make us sit here, I think it’s a little unprofessional to use the comms in the video. Especially right before we play a match.”

The NYSL vs Royal Ravens series begins at the 1:31:50 mark below.

While the video could have brought the team down, they didn’t let it get to them. NYSL dominated the Royal Ravens to rebound with a lopsided 3-0 win in Week 2.

If the League does try to punish Clayster, it looks like he’ll be alright: the official Subliners account tweeted “we’ll pay his fine” in response to the situation.