Viral TikTok video shows Wordle fans how to never lose a game

wordle tiktokWordle/TikTok: CaseyJohnsonwv

TikTok user ‘caseyjohnsonwv’ has gone viral after posting a video showing how he managed to find every possible answer to the popular word game, Wordle. 

If you’ve been on Twitter at all throughout the beginning of January, you’ve likely seen a user send out a tweet with seemingly random green and yellow blocks.

That would be the result of their attempt at completing the daily word game ‘Wordle‘ which was created by Josh Wardle, who originally created it to help his wife fulfill her love for word puzzles.

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It has since blown up in popularity, with millions of users across the world participating in the game daily. Now, TikTok user CaseyJohnson has revealed that he has uncovered every possible answer to the viral word game.

Viral TikTok allegedly offers Wordle fans help

wordle tweets

Uploaded on January 24, Casey’s video has received over 200k views and tens of thousands of likes from fans.

As he explained in the comments, the creator used his existing developer skills to find this information as payback to someone who spoiled a past game for him.

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He said: “So a couple of days ago I mentioned you can find the solution to the puzzle if you know what you’re looking for. With that in mind, I started creating a python bot that automatically emailed the solutions to my enemies at midnight.”

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However, he decided that was too hard so he dived further into the website’s developer code. Minutes later, he found two lists — one with every valid guess you can make, and the other with every solution there has been or will be.

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Casey explained it further: “If you have enemies that really really care about the game Wordle, you can ruin their day by sending them every solution…right now”

This isn’t the first video that the creator uploaded regarding the viral word game. His first video details how to look at the solution to the puzzle, however, so fans of the game should steer clear.

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