TikTok’s Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike goes viral: meet the “Wolf of Wal-Mart”

Hannah Van-de-Peer
TikTok James Reynolds Leonardo DiCaprio Lookalike Doppelganger
TikTok: cody_the_prodigy/WikiMedia: Thore Siebrands

TikTok user @cody_the_prodigy earned himself over 22 million views when he posted a video of a Leo DiCaprio look-alike. Viewers went wild for the Jack Dawson doppelganger, branding him “Deonardo LiCaprio” and “The Wolf of Wal-Mart.”

TikTok is littered with celebrity doppelgangers, lookalikes, and deep fakes. It seems like every week; fans find themselves torn between another Hollywood star and their TikTok twin. From a mirror image of Margot Robbie to Scar-Jo’s carbon copy.

TikToker Lisa Tranel went viral on July 9 for looking scarily similar to Jennifer Aniston. User @russsah gained traction on July 18 for her uncanny likeness to Amanda Seyfried.

Vigilant viewers spotted another star’s spitting image on July 17. Construction worker James Reynolds was captured on video by his colleague @cody_the_prodigy. The on-screen text read, “this guy looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Cody then posted a TikTok (which has been viewed over 200k times) morphing James’ face into Leo’s. Some fans even suggested that the Regular Revenant was “handsomer” than the star!

James finally reacted to his new-found fame in a TikTok posted by Cody on July 20. Practically lost for words, he said “holy s**t!” Then went on to call the original video “awesome.”

Fans have fallen in love with Leo’s look-alike

It’s safe to say that James now has a new legion of fans. One TikTok user said: “he seems so humble and sweet! I hope he gets the recognition he deserves!” Other fans have commented on his “beautiful” eyes. “My GOD (sic)” one awestruck viewer wrote. “His eyes!”

According to Cody, “ladies” everywhere have been expressing interest in James’ relationship status. User Vicky Barton said: “you can paint me like one of your French girls any day!”

FYI; not only is he single but he’s just made his very own TikTok account.