TikTok’s Annie LeBlanc calls out fans for ‘not minding their business’

Charlotte Colombo
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TikTok star and singer Annie LeBlanc has hit back at nosy fans in a video on her friend’s live, criticizing people for trying to label her.

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Despite only being 15 years old, Annie LeBlanc has picked up a firm fanbase online. When she isn’t acting or singing, she is building her profile as a near-unrivaled influencer, with 16.5 million TikTok followers and 8.9 million Instagram followers.

On TikTok, she’s known for her lip-syncing and dance videos, but one of her most recent TikToks has caused fans to speculate about her romantic interests in boys and girls, or, more generally, what “vibes” she gives off.

The video in question depicts LeBlanc lip syncing to Coyote Theory’s hit “This Side of Paradise,” wearing a sweatshirt and backwards cap over her braid.

This TikTok, which is part of a wider trend of people lip-syncing to the tune, caused fans in the comment section to go into overdrive, with several speculating that LeBlanc swings both ways in her love life.

One user said that they were “getting very bi vibes from Annie” while another user said that their “gaydar is pinging” after seeing the video.

This speculation comes after viewers started pairing Annie with best friend and fellow content creator Jayden Bartels. Christening the two “Jayannie,” several fans came out to say that they “shipped” the pair, with one user saying “I feel like they’re dating” after the pair posted a TikTok lip syncing to the song “Don’t Run Away” by Let it Shine.

However, after days of fan deliberations, Annie decided to put these rumors to bed once and for all during a live with Jayden. During the video, Jayden refers to Annie’s latest TikTok, saying that her romantic preferences are “all they [the commenters] are talking about.”

Bartels adds that its “not anyone’s business” who she’s attracted to, with LeBlanc in agreement, saying: “Not that it matters.”

She then goes to to clarify that while she likes boys, she doesn’t like girls, thereby shutting down those commenters who thought that she was or dating her best friend Jayden or swinging both ways.


When the video was obtained by Instagram page TikTok Room, users were very vocal about the way in which fans “assumed” LeBlanc’s preferences.

In a comment that received over 14,000 likes, one user said: “Please don’t assume someone’s s*xuality”.

Addressing similar concerns, another user said in a comment that received over 10,000 likes that “assuming someone’s s*xuality isn’t funny” or “productive.”

annie tiktok
Many users labeled LeBlanc due to the outfit in her latest TikTok.

Referring to commenters suggesting she is bi based on her outfit in the TikTok, one user added that “clothes don’t define someone,” while a further user asked, “does it really matter whether she likes boys or girls?”

Whatever fans think of LeBlanc, the teenager’s decision to shut down rumors should hopefully quell any unwarranted future speculation.

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