TikTokers warned against calamine lotion beauty trend by health experts

Emma Hill
TikTok creators warned against using calamine lotion with TikTok logoTikTok: curlybabygorly/ mireyarios

TikTok users have been urged not to take part in the calamine lotion beauty trend as health experts claim it could cause permanent damage to their skin.

TikTok has become a important tool for users picking up useful health, beauty, and make-up tips which could be impossible to find elsewhere on the internet.

Just some of the bizarre but helpful trends that have popped on the app include using socks to curl your hair or prepping your skin for the summer.

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However, some of these trends have left medical professionals horrified, begging TikTok users not to try them for fear of the permanent damage they actually could cause. The latest of which is the calamine lotion make-up trend, which could cause severe reactions and skin damage.

Calamine lotion TikTok beauty trend criticized by experts

The calamine lotion beauty trend first started getting attention on TikTok in 2021. However, beauty and make-up influencers have continued to try out the hack in 2022.

Calamine lotion is traditionally sold in pharmacies as a way to soothe common skin conditions ranging from sunburn to insect bites. It is also recommended for children suffering from chickenpox.

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Although, some TikTokers, particularly those who have oily-skin, have been using the medicine as a primer. Before using foundation, they cover their face in calamine to provide a base for their makeup as it supposedly soaks up any excess grease.

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Yet, speaking to the Daily Mail, consultant dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed at Frimley and Barts Health NHS Trusts warned: “Leaving calamine lotion on for prolonged periods on areas like the face, under or as makeup, can lead to excessive skin dryness, which will manifest as scaly or flaky patches with redness.”

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She added that calamine is designed to draw “moisture out of the skin” and also “exfoliates.” But, over-exfoliation can cause serious problems such as “rashes and sensitivity, and ultimately could cause damage to the skin barrier.”

TikTok has become an essential source of information for all-skin types to personalize their skincare routine. However, this is one hack that medical experts are hoping will disappear.

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