TikTok’s Summer Skin trend gives the best tips for perfect skin this summer

TikTok: Maryxm.mx, GlowbyRamon, Karisha.Mua

There’s a new TikTok trend in town – #Summerskin. People are giving tips on how to look after your skin in the summer heat and it’s making heat waves on the app.

Tired of getting sunburn or foundation running off with the lightest sweat? Well, #SummerSkin might be for you.

It only started trending on July 8 but the hashtag has already wracked up millions of views.

People are posting their favorite sunscreens, lightweight foundations, and their skincare routines.

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The trend is the latest in recent weeks which has seen new filters and tricks catch people’s eye from the #TwoTowelChallenge to making #Pastachips.

TikTok’s #SummerSkin tips

In one video under the summer skin hashtag, one person suggested using cucumber in your face mister.

Some even have gone to the length of freezing fresh aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray and then rubbing it over one’s face.

Oh and if you’re worried about putting too much sunscreen on and looking oily, there’s one for you.

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GlowbyRamon, a Cosmetic Science student based in London, has shown you how to measure the surface area of your face and then easily calculate the right amount of sunscreen you need.

Ramon also has some very useful tips if you’ve ever gotten sunscreen in your eye. It’s not particularly nice I can tell you but with just a bit of powder, it sets it in place so it doesn’t run.

Meanwhile, skincare and lifestyle influencer Olivia Wright has given her followers a rundown on what are the sunscreens she uses the most.

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The last thing you need this summer is a face mask tan-line so listen up people!

And if you’re someone who wears makeup and just can’t find the right product, some people have come forward with suggestions. It’s definitely hard makeup products that will stay on in the summer heat but not leave you feeling hot and bothered. Thankfully, some fellow TikTokers are here to help.

Hopefully, with a few of these helpful tips, you’ll be feeling fresh and ready for summer. Perhaps you could drop some wise advice of your own?

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