TikToker’s trip to gynecologist in foreign country ends in disaster

Kawter Abed
TikToker gynecologist story

A TikToker went viral after sharing a story of her trip to a gynecologist in a foreign country, which ended in disaster.

The Canadian content creator shared her embarrassing encounter with a gynecologist, whom she saw in Germany for her pap smear.

“It came to the time where I needed to go see a gynecologist because I needed to have, you know, my yearly checkup,” TikToker Cassidy shared in a viral video, which has over 1.3 million views.

She continued: “So my mother in law, bless her, she makes an appointment for me and she says, ‘Did you bring a dress?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s cold, why would I bring a dress?’ And she was like, ‘You want to borrow a dress?’ And I was like, ‘Why would I need to borrow a dress?'”

“So that was a mistake, let me tell you that,” the regretful TikToker said of not borrowing a dress.

“So I get to the gynecologist and I walk in the door and I am in a library. Like it’s literally a library just with like a chair with stirrups in the middle of the room,” Cassidy explained.

After giving her medical history, the doctor asked her to go into the closet where she assumed she’d be given a disposable gown that is often provided when visiting a gynecologist in Canada. 

“So I go inside and it’s just like an H&M fitting room,” she said. “There is no paper dress and really bad backlit mirrors. And that’s when I realized that my mother in law told me to bring a dress.”

The TikToker, who was struggling to contain her laughter, revealed that it was in that moment she realized she made a “fatal flaw,” and had to go back to the library in just her sweater, “looking like Winnie the Pooh.”

The doctor then mimed that it was time for her breast examination, which he described by slapping his hands over his own chest. In a follow-up video, she continued the story: “So then I just take my sweater off in the middle of this library and I’m just wearing high-waisted jeans.”

“And this doctor, he just started slapping my t*tties around like he was trying to catch a charge,” she said, while laughing hysterically.

She explained that she was so anxious and stressed about the whole situation that she started sweating, leading to another issue.

“If you’ve never had a breast examination before, they have to check under the armpit,” she said, while mimicking what the gynecologist did. “And he goes, he just goes ‘wet.'”

The doctor then washed his hands, as the TikToker awkwardly stood there and watched.

Cassidy concluded the TikTok video by sharing some useful advice: “So if you’re going to the gynecologist in another country, bring a dress.”

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