TikTokers call for Dana White’s help after accidentally spending $12k on UFC 281 tickets

Dylan Horetski
TikToker accidentally buys $12,000 tickets

A couple on TikTok is calling for Dana White’s help after the boyfriend accidentally spent $12,000 on UFC tickets while seeing if he could get approved for PayPal credit.

Over the last few years, UFC fighting has become infinitely more popular across the world. So popular, in fact, that even Twitch streamers like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have held events inside of the Octagon.

A TikToker by the name of lilsazonpackettt has gone viral after uploading a video calling for Dana White’s help after her boyfriend made an expensive mistake while looking at tickets to the next event.

While looking through front-row tickets for him and his girlfriend, he wanted to see if PayPal would give him a credit line to cover the cost. After clicking through the application, he was met with a message thanking him for the $12,000 purchase.

TikToker calls for Dana White’s help

Uploaded on September 11, the video has been viewed over a million times. It reads: “I left my bf alone on my BIRTHDAY FOR 5 mins and now we can’t afford to live.”

Text is overlayed on the video as well. It reads: “Dana White help!!”

Laughing, the TikToker reveals that they were watching a movie for her birthday. Her boyfriend explains that he was looking at tickets for the UFC website and found tickets selling for $5,000.

“Out of curiosity, I clicked and saw two available tickets. I went to the checkout and I’m like ‘I ain’t got this in my bank account for sure. So let’s see what PayPal Credit will give me,’ he explained.

“I’m gonna say no to this ’cause I can’t afford it right now. But with the service fee being an extra two grand, it was like $12,000. All of a sudden, I’m at a thank you page.”

Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on the video.

“The fact that she is laughing about it, you need to keep her. My wife would be killing me, not laughing,” one user replied.

Another user questioned his thought process: “Why would you check payment options on tickets that expensive lol.”

A third viewer shared a ‘trick’ with the TikTokers: “Just don’t use pay pal anymore. It will go off your credit in 7 years.”

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