TikTokers are hitting back at the platform’s ‘hooked nose’ filter

Virginia Glaze
TikTok hooked nose trend under fireTikTok: lislynn13, phat_squirrel

TikTokers are hitting back at a ‘hooked nose’ filter being used on the site, calling the face-altering tool both racist and offensive to those with large noses and certain ethnic features.

TikTok is home to a slew of trends that take the app by storm from time to time.

However, while most of these fads are relatively harmless, a few have struck up major amounts of backlash from users and even pushback from health experts (see the site’s latest ‘butter board’ craze — oh, and ‘Nyquil Chicken’).

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The latest trend to go viral on TikTok is a filter that gives users a large, hooked nose, set to the song ‘Numbers’ by Temporex… and not everyone is here for it.

Notably, however, the trend has been coming under fire from a slew of different creators, who have called out other TikTokers for using the app to demean those with large noses.

TikTokers aren’t happy with app’s ‘hooked nose’ filter

TikToker ‘lislyn13’ called out people using the filter as a “confidence booster,” writing in a sarcastic caption: “OMG I couldn’t imagine having a giant ugly huge bump nose thank God I have this beautiful itty bitty ski slope nose!”

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TikToker Natalie, aka ‘phat_squirrel,’ called out users for feeling “glad” they don’t have features from certain ethnic groups.

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“‘This filter makes me feel so much better about my nose,’ well I know it definitely doesn’t for people that actually have these features,” she wrote. “This trend is just saying, ‘I’m glad I don’t have Middle Eastern features’ without saying it.”

TikToker ‘jennaluvsmoney’ also called out the filter’s racist connotations, saying in a caption: “You guys are using this filter for a ‘confidence booster’ not realizing you’re mocking African, Middle Eastern and [Jewish peoples’] noses, just to feel better about yourself.”

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Commenters are largely sounding off in agreement, pushing back against body-related ‘trends’ and celebrating their natural features.

“It’s because of people like you embracing their nose during these trends that made me be more confident about mine,” one user said in response to lisslyn13.

“I love yall’s noses and features!” another said in response to Natalie’s TikTok. “You are all gorgeous.”

TikTokers respond to hooked nose trend copyTikTok: lislyn13

This is just the latest filter to come under fire on TikTok after a filter that altered users’ faces was slammed for being ‘fatphobic’ back in August.

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