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Viral TikTok calls for fast-food chains to go to “war” against Taco Bell

Published: 15/Apr/2022 22:31

by Dylan Horetski


A hilarious TikTok video that’s gone viral is calling for a variety of fast-food chains to go to “war” against Taco Bell after they lowered the size of their nacho cheese sauce cups. 

When it comes to popular topics on TikTok, fast food restaurants are near the top of that list.

Over the last few months, various foodtok videos have gone viral with anything from a unique use for leftover pizza to a creator that got fired 15 minutes after bringing her viewers to work with her.

Now, A TikToker has made waves after calling on a variety of fast-food chains to go to “war” with Taco Bell after the company lowered their nacho cheese serving size.


TikToker calls for companies to turn against Taco Bell

In April 2022, the TikToker, ‘cdc.gov_official,’ uploaded the video, quickly getting the viewer’s attention by starting off with “Stop. We’re going to war with Taco Bell.”

He continued: “Some of you already know, Taco Bell just [made their nacho cheese smaller.] How are you gonna do us like this? We deserve more cheese, so I’m calling on all the big hitters. McDonald’s. Raising Canes. Wendys. Carls Jr & Hardees. Burger King. El Pollo Loco. Del Taco. Chipotle.

“Even the Detroit lions and anyone else that wants to help. Join me, tag anyone and everyone and let’s start the 2022 fast-food war.”


At the time of writing, the video has received over 440k views with thousands of likes.

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to relay their thoughts about the fast-food war, with many echoing the same thing: It’s not just the cheese they want back. Taco Bell is widely known for releasing items that people love — just to take them away weeks later.

Not to mention items like the Quesarito, which is only available to those using the mobile app to order.

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