TikToker who caught Beyoncé’s sunglasses at concert auctions them for $15,000 USD

Meera Jacka
TikToker plans to auction of Beyonce-worn sunglasses

Beyoncé’s sunglasses have made headlines after a TikToker posted the moment he came into possession of them at a concert. Now, he’s auctioning them off.

Celebrity memorabilia is a big seller, and some fans eager to get their hands on items are willing to spend big bucks to do so.

Previously sold items have included Scarlett Johanson’s used tissue ($5,300), Lady Gaga’s broken acrylic nail ($12,000), and Michael Jordan’s signed sneakers ($1.5 million!).

Now, TikToker and film director Global Valentino is hoping it’s his turn to rake in the money with some Beyoncé-worn sunglasses.

Posting the moment he caught the sunglasses at the concert, the BeyHive fan reveals they were initially taken off him by security. But Beyoncé wasn’t having any of it, once more tossing Valentino the Off-White brand sunglasses.

“I fully lost control of my body in that moment,” Valentino replied to one commenter on TikTok, describing the moment the superstar returned the glasses.

TikToker plans to sell Beyoncé’s glasses for thousands of dollars

Now, Valentino is hoping to sell the glasses to support his family and career, a decision not all of the BeyHive support.

“Assignment misunderstood. The FLEX is saying ‘You like my glasses?! I know, Beyoncé gave them to me, TWICE?’ Not profit,” one commenter posted to Valentino’s latest follow-up.

But Valentino is undeterred, replying, “I have a family + career I gotta support and the way I see it, she’s providing me with even better days ahead.”

The glasses will be sold on Omega Auctions on July 4, with Valentino expected to make over $15,000 USD off the sunglasses.

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