TikToker warns viewers after finding out Build-A-Bear shares names with new customers

TikTok Build-A-BearTikTok: Limegreengoblin

A TikToker is warning Build-A-Bear customers to choose their bear’s names carefully in a viral video, revealing that the company shares names with other customers.

Since 1997, Build-A-Bear has provided people worldwide with the ability to create custom stuffed animals to celebrate a special occasion or as collectibles.

Build-A-Bear also has limited-edition options as well, like their recently announced Teddiursa and Jumbo Snorlax.

Buyers can also assign them a special name, but TikToker LimeGreenGoblin is warning users to be careful with what they name their new furry friends.

TikTokers users about Build-A-Bear naming

On November 4, LimeGreenGoblin uploaded her video just after learning the “fun fact” about how Build-A-Bear shares names between customers.

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“Fun fact that I didn’t know until the last time I went to Build-A-Bear. Choose the names carefully. Don’t do anything inappropriate,” she said. “I didn’t know that after you enter the name of your bear in the computer that it saves it, displays it on the screen, and suggests that name to other people.

“I decided to adopt the Oogie Boogie. he’s green, he’s UV reactive, and his little bugs glow in his mouth. He’s awesome. I blanked on a name because I’m absolutely terrible at this, so everyone says hello to Bogussy.”

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She continued: “That was the f**king name that displayed on the computer, and I was informed that it’s probably gonna be there for a while, along with it going into their database. There’s no way to change it.”

Users quickly flooded the comments with their own thoughts and names they’ve seen at the store.

“As a Build-A-Bear worker, I have seen people come up with some hilarious names, my favorite was a cow named Smallpox,” one said.

Another user replied: “My mom bought me one for a surprise present and she named it Mary Juana.”

It’s clear that many people in the comments have had fun with their Build-A-Bear names, but some might second-guess their decisions during their next trip.

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