TikToker under fire after calling for workplace time blindness accommodations

Meera Jacka
TikToker under fire after posting video about time blindness

A TikToker has found herself against a wave of backlash after posting a video asking for workers’ rights to be taken into consideration and for time blindness to be accommodated.

Time blindness is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of losing track of time and is often experienced by people with attention deficits.

Speaking on the issue, pediatric behavioral health specialist Dr. Manos said, “We all can get caught up in something and get ‘in the zone.’ Some people with ADHD, though, are more prone to having difficulty being able to judge how long something will take to do or to lose track of time.”

Now, one TikToker has found herself facing backlash after sharing an experience in which she was yelled at for asking whether a job would make accommodations for time blindness.

Going by ‘chaotic_philosopher’ on the platform, the TikToker posted a storytime-type video in which she expressed frustration at workplaces for not accommodating the needs of their workers.

“They actually started yelling at me and saying that accommodations for time blindness doesn’t exist and if you struggle being on time, you’ll never be able to get a job [sic],” chaotic_philosopher recounted through teary eyes.

“I’m tired of workers’ rights not being prioritized in this country,” she captioned the video. “And we’re entitled for suggesting it should be different… I don’t think so.”

But chaotic_philosopher’s take was not met well, with thousands of comments mocking the TikToker’s experience and thoughts on the matter.

“What’s the difference between someone with time blindness and someone who just doesn’t put in the effort to be on time?” one commenter queried.

Another said, “Being on time for work is a minimum requirement for most jobs. Unfortunately, that’s an issue you must make accommodations for, not the business.”

However, chaotic_philosopher has stuck true to her beliefs, posting a second TikTok stating, “When we can no longer have a civil discussion about a video with very little context it makes you wonder ‘Is there even a future for our nation and what future is there to fight for?’ Because arousing mass amounts of hate, judging people, making mass assumptions, and being stuck in a cognitive loop without even knowing it, and then doing exactly what the algorithms want, is seen as normal.”

It is worth remembering that everyone deals with time blindness at certain times and that some struggle more than others. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.