Woman waits on job interview for 30 minutes despite recruiter no-show

Kawter Abed
Woman waits on job interview for 30 minutes despite recruiter no-show

A job hunter went viral on TikTok viewers after staying on an interview call for 30 minutes despite the recruiter not showing up.

Content creator Sragvi (sragvipattanaik) took to TikTok to reveal that she desperately waited for her interviewer to show up for a Zoom call, even after they were 30 minutes late.

In the viral 7-second clip, which has gotten over 953,000 views, the job seeker could be seen looking directly into the camera with a disappointed expression. “Staying onto a no-show interview call for 30 mins bc I am poor and desperate,” she wrote in the text-overlay.

Sragvi is then seen waiting in a video conference room, with a dialog box window on her MacBook screen displaying her holding her phone and giving a thumbs up. “Rough out here,” the TikToker added in the caption, along with a hashtag indicating that she’s a pre-med student.

Viewers relate to job seeker’s experience

Sragvi’s concerns about finding employment resonated with many viewers, and some shared their own job-hunting horror stories. “I emailed after waiting 30 minutes and they replied with a rejection,” one person commented.

“I waited like 45 min and I sent an email around the 20-minute mark, but I was just completely ghosted. Not even an apology or anything,” another shared. “I went to an interview where the manager was 2.5 hours late. I waited and she didn’t give me the job,” a third said.

“The job field is so ridiculous that I did an online interview, got rejected, went to a hiring event for the same place a week later, and got hired on the spot,” someone else added.

However, one user thought Sragvi dodged a bullet with this job, writing: “Any interview no-show is actually a blessing. Those types of employers are walking red flags anyway, who will be terrible to work for.”