TikToker sparks debate after filming “middle schooler” working at Culvers restaurant

Dylan Horetski
Middle Schooler working at Culvers

TikToker Alex Martinich has sparked a debate after uploading a video showing a “middle schooler” working at their local Culver’s fast food restaurant.

Throughout the United States, employers are required to abide by Child Labor Laws that provide a minimum age an employee has to be in order to work.

This age is often 16 years old, with special restraints set for those still in school, like only being able to work a specified amount of hours per day and week.

Alex Martinich’s video showing a young girl working at their local Culver’s restaurant quickly went viral, sparking a debate in the comments.

TikToker sparks debate filming “middle schooler” at Culvers

Alex’s video has gotten over four million views since it was uploaded on August 25, with nearly five thousand comments from viewers as well.

The TikToker said: “She looks like she’s 10 working at Culver’s… Didn’t know Culver’s hired middle schoolers.”

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The video quickly sparked a debate in the comments from viewers sharing their thoughts on the video.

One user commented: “Parents probably own the place so she can work when she’s young.”

With over 90k likes on the comment and over a hundred replies, people seem to agree with this idea the most.

However, another viewer commented: “Why don’t people understand that some 16-year-olds just look really young.”

A third user mentioned that they think it’s an “awesome” way of learning responsibility as a kid: “As long as she’s not overworked I’d say it’s awesome to learn the responsibility that comes with a job early on.”

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