TikToker sparks backlash after surprising family with secret baby

Dylan Horetski

A TikToker has sparked backlash on the app after posting a video revealing that she hid her entire pregnancy from family members.

When couples become pregnant, they may decide to keep the pregnancy a secret from family members whether it’s because they don’t get along, have health issues, or any other reason you can think of.

Victoria, who goes by canadiangirl_2 on TikTok, uploaded a video revealing that she hid her pregnancy from family members and surprised them with the baby in the video.

This sparked backlash from viewers who thought it was the wrong thing to do, based on the reactions of the family members.

TikToker sparks backlash with secret baby

Victoria uploaded her video on August 14, and it shows her walking up steps into a family member’s house.

The video says: “When you keep your pregnancy a secret and show up with a baby.”

She then walks into the house and the family members look shocked and confused. However, Victoria was quick to make it clear in a comment that they were actually happy.

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to express their thoughts on the situation.

One user said: “Everybody should do what makes them happy, but I would feel betrayed, not trusted”

While another replied: “Why do people keep it a secret from their families? They want to take part in the excitement of pregnancy too. I would be upset if I were to miss that.”

A third user echoed the thoughts of dozens of others with her comment: “Sorry about the negativity here. Congrats! To me, they just looked shocked. Perfect surprise!”

Either way, it appears Victoria and her family are happy with their newborn baby no matter what commenters on TikTok have to say about it.