TikToker says menstrual cup caused uterine prolapse in shocking video

TikToker says menstrual cup caused pelvic organ prolapse in viral videoUnsplash.com: Oana Cristina

One TikToker left viewers with a new fear unlocked after claiming her menstrual cup caused uterine prolapse, saying the cup’s suction dragged her uterus downward.

Menstrual cups have risen in popularity over the past few years as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable products like pads and tampons.

How they work: Menstrual cups are reusable silicon or rubber cups that are folded and inserted into the vagina, where they expand and collect period blood.

However, one TikToker is claiming that the action of taking out her cup gave her a serious medical condition that is leaving viewers shocked.

TikToker claims menstrual cup caused pelvic organ prolapse

The TikToker went viral for sharing her experience with a menstrual cup. In her video, which garnered over 2.9 million views before being deleted, she says that the action of taking out the cup actually suctioned her uterus lower inside her body — a condition called ‘uterine prolapse.’

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The creator says she noticed a lump in her vagina and went to her doctor, who asked her if she’d ever had kids.

“She was shocked, absolutely shocked, that I hadn’t had kids,” she recounted. “I think to this day that she thinks that I’ve had kids and I was just too afraid to tell her. …she was shocked by the state of my hoo-ha.”

Curious, she claimed that she noticed the strong suction of her menstrual cup when she used it and decided to do a quick Google for her symptoms related to the products. It turns out that yes, menstrual cups can cause uterine prolapse if used incorrectly.

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According to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, multiple women have experienced pelvic organ prolapse as a result of using menstrual cups.

In the BBC’s report, pelvic floor physiotherapist Kate Lough explained that it’s best not to just pull down on the bottom of the cup, but to rather squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the suction for a safer removal. (We’ve included a different video here from Doctor Diksha S Chadha.)

Viewers were left stunned by the TikToker’s video, with many commenters claiming the clip had “unlocked a new fear” for them.

“My cup literally pulled my IUD out,” one user claimed.

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“This is why I stick with pads,” another said.

“MY JAW DROPPED,” another commented.

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