TikToker recommends a cold approach for dating: “Low risk, extremely high reward”

Meera Jacka
TikToker recommends a cold approach for dating

A TikToker has claimed a cold approach is always “more rewarding” when looking to get yourself out into the dating pool.

With endless dating apps at your fingertips, modern dating sounds like it should be a breeze. After all, there have to be some prospective matches out there somewhere.

However, not everyone is convinced that dating apps are the way to go when it comes to looking for a life partner.

One TikToker, who goes by ‘TheJaunt’ online, claims a “cold approach” is a much more rewarding way of meeting someone.

“Asked a random girl for her number today and it reminded me of the fact that [a] cold approach is always more rewarding than online apps,” TheJaunt began.

For anyone lost as to what a cold approach entails, it simply means approaching a girl you don’t know with the intention of pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship.

According to TheJaunt, dating apps are a “grind” and “imperfect”, whereas a cold approach offers a far more rewarding experience even when it ends in rejection.

“All I did was take five steps and say, ‘Excuse me’. But, like, I feel like a boss, I kind of feel like a baller. ‘Cause I know that like, 95% of these other guys don’t have the balls to do that,” TheJaunt said. “You will still kind of feel proud of yourself for the fact that you did something that, like, so many other guys, cannot do.”

Viewers supported TheJaunt’s take on dating, with many women claiming a cold approach was attractive; “I love when men cold approach — I respect it a lot and personally do it too because it helps you become comfortable with rejection.”

Another said, “Every time a man has approached me respectfully and genuinely, I am stunned by their confidence! go for it!”

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