TikToker pretends to be new Subway employee, gets job and quits in an hour

David Purcell
tiktoker and subway restaurant

A TikTok user has gone viral after claiming to have faked their way into a job at Subway.

In any industry, there’s always been that thing of ‘fake it until you make it’ for some people, often those looking to change from one industry to another.

Well, a content creator took that mantra to a whole new level this August after pretending to be a new hire at one of Subway’s locations.

Much to their surprise, the joke quickly turned into an actual job – but it didn’t last very long.

TikToker goes viral after sneaking into Subway

The upload was posted by comedycupid, and has over 660,000 likes on the video sharing platform, with over three million views.

“I told these Subway people it was my first day and they just let me work… I’m not even on the schedule. I’m not even an employee. I didn’t even do an interview,” they said. The background revealed they were, in fact, inside the restaurant.

“I just came in and told them I was a new hire and didn’t need training and they just left me alone in this restaurant.”


A comment in the replies, with over 50,000 likes, said: “lol places are so short staffed they probably didn’t care.”

Comedycupid opened up a bit more about the experience, saying they walked out after an hour on the job. They said: “I walked out and they said ‘wait we’ll pay you for the hour you were here’ WITH WHAT PAPERWORK.”

In another reply, the OG poster said: “I just rolled up, welcome to Subway…. I was there for not even 15 minutes and the TWO other employees went to go smoke during lunch rush. Thank god they have those little pictures fr bless.”

What happened next?

Cupid was unemployed at the time and that’s what prompted the visit to Subway.

One of the other TikToks posted about the situation included damning allegations in regards to health and safety, too, claiming a manager said bread pans are not cleaned more than once a month.

A number of other issues led to her replying in the comments: “Should I call the health department?”


In a follow-up TikTok, cupid said they have since been in a call with Subway’s management. While they “don’t want people to lose their jobs,” the user admitted they do want it “to be safer in there.”

Whether or not conversations with management will ensure this doesn’t happen again remains to be seen.