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TikToker Megan Marie explains viral cheating boyfriend TikTok after claims its fake

Published: 27/Jul/2021 13:16

by Connor Bennett


A viral TikTok from user Megan Marie where she apparently caught her boyfriend cheating and watching the Olympics with another girl has sparked quite the debate on social media, with some unsure if it was staged or not.

For the longest time, TikTok was all about showing off your singing or dancing skills. However, as the video-sharing app has gotten increasingly popular, it has become so much more than that.

The app now resembles Vine, when that was at its peak, mixing a wide range of content into one, with plenty of users going viral for the tiniest of things.


Now, a post from user callhermeganmarie has caught the attention of millions as she apparently caught her boyfriend cheating on her. However, she’s had to clear things up.

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TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and videos.

Megan Marie’s cheating boyfriend TikTok video

Megan’s initial post came on July 24 where she was recalling a text message exchange she’d had with her ‘boyfriend’ asking what he was doing. He apparently informed her that he was watching the Olympics with friends, but a closer look showed that wasn’t the case.

The TikToker showed that the photo he’d sent her had some interesting clues about where he was – including a female-style TV cabinet, a glass of wine on the table, and a photo frame clearly missing a photo.


Her post quickly blew up, receiving well over three million views and thousands of commenters berating the boy in question for cheating on her. Though, some believed the photo was a set-up and she was intending to go viral by lying.

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Megan Marie responds to viral cheating boyfriend TikTok

Well, in response to the attention, Megan Marie cleared things up and showed that she wasn’t involved in the photo and the boy she was talking to was actually hanging out with someone else.

However, she added that she hasn’t cut contact with him. Instead, the pair apparently went on a date after the post blew up and saw the funny side of it. “We were both joking about it,” the TikToker added. “He’s not a piece of trash like everyone was saying, it’s just funny.”


@callhermeganmarieStory time!!!!♬ original sound – Megan-Marie

Megan is not alone in using a ‘live photo’ of cheating to go viral on TikTok. Back in May, influencer Serena Kerrigan had a similar viral post where viewers were equally about whether or not her ‘cheating’ expose was real or staged.

Just like that, we’ll have to wait and see if anything further comes from this.