TikToker made 20 ft tall cutout of Dream’s face within hours of viral YouTube reveal

TikToker makes 20 foot cutout of dreams face hours after face revealYouTube: Dream / TikTok: tobynjacobs

One crafty TikToker celebrated Dream’s viral face reveal in a big way by creating a 20 foot tall cardboard cutout of the Minecraft star within hours of his video getting uploaded.

Dream is one of the most prominent Minecraft content creators on the internet, and he finally showed his face to the world on October 2.

The YouTuber hid his appearance from the internet throughout his career, covering his face with a mask in photos and using digital artwork to represent himself online.

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With millions of fans across the net, his official face reveal instantly went viral — and one person decided to make the moment even bigger than it already was.

TikToker makes massive cardboard cutout of Dream 6 hours after face reveal

TikToker Tobyn Jacobs is a content creator who specializes in making enormous cardboard cutouts, usually for celebrities and anime characters.

The latest personality to get the cardboard treatment was Dream — and Jacobs carried out his task in record time.

According to the TikToker, he created the massive structure in about six hours, using 218 pages of paper to achieve the giant cutout.

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“Working this fast was actually fun,” Jacobs said of the feat. “Usually I can hate it if there’s too much pressure, but I’ve been in a rut, so it came out strong [in] my desire to make cutouts.”

Jacobs’ videos documenting the process have garnered over five million views collectively, with commenters both impressed and shocked by the massive creation.

“It looks like it would chase you through a building on Gary’s mod,” one commenter joked.

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“It ain’t even been a day,” another said.

“Where did all the printer ink go?” another quipped.

Dream’s face reveal was certainly a big moment in internet history — but he might take over the net again if he collabs with MrBeast, who asked him to feature in a few of his videos.

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