TikToker Lance Tsosie deletes apology to Chelsea Hart over relationship accusations

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Modern Warrior TikTok
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Mega popular TikToker Modern Warrior, real name Lance Tsosie, has deleted his apology video directed to Chelsea Hart, after she said that she felt “violated” by him for allegedly being unfaithful to her.

Chelsea Hart, who has over 1.6 million followers on TikTok, took the time to clear the air after rumors began surfacing about her relationship with Tsosie.

She explained that the pair had become romantically involved, and had been for around six months, but that she had refused his request for a polyamorous relationship.

After flying to Denver to meet Lance, Hart discovered he had been on a date with another woman after he posted a TikTok with her.

Modern Warrior accusations

In a now-deleted TikTok post, Lance apologized to Chelsea for “not being the effective communicator that I wanted to be.” He also described their relationship as a “friendship.”

In a swift response, Hart addressed the apology directly. “I may be pregnant with your child, and you are apologizing for your communication.

“Don’t you dare try to apologize for your communication. Why don’t you apologize for taking advantage of my vulnerability, to get in my pants.”

In a follow-up video, Chelsea also asked that people who wish to support her “shout down” some of the false rumors that had been spread by “people who want to kill Lance Tsosie,” who she said were “latching onto” this drama.

Chelsea also shared a video from fellow TikToker ‘bananaamarie’, who explained that their stories were “identical.”

“He is a liar. He is a manipulator. And I told him I wouldn’t do this, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but I am doing this, because this is insane.’

Lance has not responded since deleting the apology video.

Comments on his latest post are very critical of him, dubbing him a “womanizer.” One commenter asks “how many women have you miss informed just to get what you wanted?” Another said “What we’re not going to do is rob women of their right to informed consent.”

With over 3 million followers on TikTok, ‘Modern Warrior’, lost at least 200,000 following the allegations.

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