TikToker Justchesslee goes viral after shutting down “gym creep”

Girl lifting weights at the gymTikTok: justchesslee

TikTok user Chelsie Gleason is going viral on the app after she uploaded a video of her shutting down a “creepy guy” at the gym, with thousands of commenters sending support her way.

Thanks to TikTok’s huge userbase, new videos are going viral on the app every single day and people often use the platform as a way to spread awareness or draw attention to an important issue.

This often involves videos of people’s encounters with strangers who are behaving inappropriately or offensively, as through the app they can reach others who have been through similar experiences.

On October 28, TikTok user Chelsie Gleason, a.k.a. Justchesslee, uploaded a video of her interaction with a guy at the gym, who she explained had been “harassing her for months.” Despite keeping her headphones in and trying to ignore him, the man wouldn’t leave her alone until she jumped back and told him not to come near her.

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The video quickly gained traction on the platform, with over 20 million views at the time of writing, and many commenters praised Chelsie for drawing attention to the situation, encouraging her to speak to gym staff about the situation.

She then uploaded two videos afterward explaining the details of the situation. She said that the gym staff have been really supportive of her throughout and that they’ve helped to keep her safe.

Chelsie went on to say that originally the man had approached her to give her tips on her form, but after a few weeks of her continuing to approach her it “started getting a little weird,” as he started talking to her about strange conspiracy theories.

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A few weeks prior to this incident, Chelsie revealed that after she told him to leave her alone, he had called her “crazy” and a “b*tch.”

The TikToker went on to say that as soon as she posted the video, the staff immediately looked into getting him banned, and when he attempted to return following his ban, he was arrested. They also found that they already had a warrant out for him for “stalking another girl.”

As the view count on the original video continues to climb, many are urging Chelsie, and others in a similar position, to remain vigilant.