TikToker JauncyDev exposed by ex-girlfriend for cheating

TikTok: JauncyDev/ YouTube: Kristina Maione

TikToker Jonny “jauncydev” Devaney has been accused by an ex-girlfriend of cheating on her with multiple women alongside other incidents of manipulation and gaslighting. 

JauncyDev from Ottawa, Canada, has now amassed 1 million followers after a series of skits of his went viral that imagined what different dog breeds would be like if they were humans.

In Jonny’s first video of the series, he imagined the human personalities of a Pitbull, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Corgi, and Chihuahua. That TikTok alone has accumulated a huge 23.5 million views, and five more videos in the series after that have had no problem reaching millions more.

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However, since dominating everyone’s For You Page, YouTuber, and TikToker Kristina Maione has posted a video detailing several different accusations surrounding Jonny and his personal life.

TikToker JauncyDev with his dogInstagram: jauncydev
Jonny Devaney became popular on TikTok for his series impersonating dogs

Using the green screen filter she said: “Okay so you’ve probably all seen this TikToker going around, and I’m feeling really petty today so let me give you some tea on this f***king creep.”

She went on to explain that the pair had previously dated, showing pictures of her with  Jonny, and another picture of her with his dog to prove she was telling the truth before launching into her story.

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“Here’s why you shouldn’t support him. Not only does he weaponize his depression and trauma as a way to manipulate girls, which is bad enough, but he also gaslights women and lies out the wazoo… basically he was dating me and a few other girls all at the same time but telling us all that he was exclusive with us.

“This was extra sh*tty because my parents are getting old and my mum is immunocompromised and I told him that I needed to be extra covid safe and he told me this his mom used to have cancer like my mom used to have cancer and that he needed to be really covid safe too.

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She added, “Really he didn’t give a sh*t because he was seeing all these girls and hanging out with all these people and lying to us about it.”

As it turns out, Kristina explained that she and the other women worked it out, deciding to confront him altogether, but he blocked them.

Kristina’s video has now had more than 2 million views and she’s received plenty of support in the comments with one person responding “my best friend just got out of a relationship with him and let me tell you…”

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While Jonny is yet to respond, it seems as though it isn’t over yet, with Kristina teasing that more information is still to come.

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