TikToker hits back at trolls shaming her over baby’s name

André González Rodríguez
TikToker baby name

Facing harassment, a TikToker hit back at trolls after they shamed her over her’s baby name.

Famous for her work as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike on TikTok, Jasmine Chiswell has been the subject of trolls berating and sending her death threats over her first baby’s name.

After revealing that she and her husband named their first son Midnight, unrelenting comments flew at her, judging and making fun of their choice.

In response to this, Chiswell took to the app once again where she shared the names she would have chosen if she was having a girl as a way to hit back at the trolls that shamed her.

TikToker hits back at trolls with a response video

Wanting to get back at the people who heavily criticized her and her husband’s choice of name for their son, Chiswell made another TikTok where she addressed one of the couple’s most asked questions.

Here, she took the time to answer one commenter’s question that asked “If you have a daughter, what will you name her?”

“So before we knew we were expecting a boy we had already chosen a few names if it was a girl,” she started. “One of the first ones was Rose because we just really thought the name was cute and the other one was Scarlett because we thought that was cute, too. And I think that was all our choices so, yeah, that would have been it!”

Sometimes all it takes to deal with trolls is answering one simple question. In Chiswell’s case, only time will tell if her doing so will stop the harassment.

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