TikToker has perfect solution for neighbor’s barking dog and users love it

Emma Hill
TikToker saphirejess talking to the camera with TikTok logo and screenshot from 'Who Let The Dogs Out' music videoTikTok: saphirejess/ YouTube: Baha Men

A TikTok creator was being driven mad by her neighbor’s constantly barking dog. So, she decided to get her own back.

Various TikTokers have taken to the platform to share how they dealt with troublesome neighbors and the genius ways they’ve got their revenge.

For instance, TikTok star Bretman Rock came up with a clever idea to get back at his spying neighbors. Then, there was another creator who used a Bluetooth speaker to prank some particularly loud individuals.

User SaphireJess similarly was getting frustrated with her neighbor’s dog barking during the night. After failed talks with the pet owners and the authorities, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

TikToker blasts music as revenge against neighbors

Australian TikTok creator SaphireJess, who describes herself as a “single, disabled, Aussie mum struggling through life,” posted a video explaining her struggle with her neighbor’s loud canine.

She claimed the animal was barking from “5pm to 3am” every day. To the point that it was starting to have a serious effect on her children’s wellbeing and schoolwork.

So, she got her revenge. After setting up a loudspeaker in the area, she blasted out Baha Men’s classic song ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ as her neighbors were sleeping for their night shift.

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She explained that she and her fellow neighbors spoke to the pet owners “at least 20 times” but they refused to do anything as the animal was “old.”

The video went on to pick up 237k views, as of writing. Numerous viewers subsequently praised Jess for the move: “As a dog owner, I fully support you doing this. Anyone who allows their dog to bark continuously is a problem. Take care of and train your pets.”

Jess later revealed that she thinks she “got the message across” as the problem only persisted for one more night following her genius move.