TikToker goes viral after accidentally making napalm instead of slime

tiktoker makes napalmTikTok: theresa360

What was meant to be a fun TikTok showing fans how to make a slime material, TikToker theresa360 had to remove their post – after they accidentally made a napalm-like substance instead.

With over 2 million followers, Theresa360 makes lots of arts and crafts content on her TikTok account, as well as various ‘life hacks.’

One such arts and crafts video did not go as intended though, as viewers quickly pointed out that rather than making ‘slime’, as she intended, Theresa had instead made an incredibly flammable material.

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Napalm is an incendiary mixture, previously used in military settings, and although not technically illegal, is seldom deployed today due to how deadly it is, capable of causing massive areas of burning and destruction.

TikToker accidentally makes napalm

However, despite how dangerous it is, napalm is also surprisingly easy to make – so much so that this TikToker made it by complete accident.

The video, now deleted, shows Theresa360 mixing a styrofoam heart with acetone – a potentially deadly mixture.

After the video went viral for all the wrong reasons, it was also shared across other social media. One viral tweet joked that they had arrived at the ‘accidentally making napalm instead of slime’ side of TikTok.

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After the video was reshared on social media, it was deleted, but of course, nothing is ever gone completely from the internet.

It’s possible that TikTok itself removed the video, as it seeks to prevent any copycat videos – the platform has taken action to prevent other dangerous activities from becoming trends on the platform.

In November, TikTok announced changes to moderation to prevent dangerous trends, as well as specifically ‘hoax’ videos. We’d imagine that showing people how to make napalm, even if accidentally, might fall under these guidelines.

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