Precision Welding Academy goes viral on TikTok with custom Iron Man mask

Dylan Horetski
Iron Man Mask TikTok
Marvel/TikTok: PrecisionWeldingAcademy

Precision Welding Academy went viral on TikTok after uploading a video of a welder with an expertly crafted Iron Man mask complete with automated mechanics. 

When it comes to having a video go viral on TikTok, pop-culture references can be one of the best ways to quickly gain a viewer’s attention.

Precision Welding Academy — a welding school in Houston, Texas — has done just that by showcasing one of its welding helmets that’s a perfect replica of Iron Man’s mask.

Fans quickly took to the comments expressing their interest in the video, making the video go viral with 6.8 million views and counting.

Iron Man Mask TikTok

Uploaded on March 2, 2022, Precision Welding Academy instantly gained popularity from Marvel fans and welders alike.

With nearly 7 million views and over 600k likes on their upload, it’s safe to say that fans are loving the creation.

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After a fan asked the academy where they acquired the Iron Man helmet, they revealed that it wasn’t actually designed to protect you while welding.

Instead, they purchased the automated mask from a company and replaced the existing lenses with ones that are properly designed to protect the person wearing the mask.

Two days after the original video, they uploaded another one showing off the voice activation features.

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Both videos from the Academy are flooded with fans trying to figure out where they can get their hands on one, with more asking them to show how they managed to get the weld-safe lenses mounted inside the mask.

They responded that the design for the modification hasn’t been finalized, and they’ll post an update video when it is.

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