TikToker fights roommate’s cat with Street Fighter moves and fails miserably

TikToker fights a cat with street fighter movesTikTok/meek_cheek

Cat OP, plz nerf. A TikToker vowed revenge against his roommate’s cat for taking a dump in his closet, but his fight against the feline proved to be a difficult one when using moves from Street Fighter.

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic fighting games of all time with numerous moves and characters that have captivated audiences worldwide.

But what would happen if you tried to use those moves against an opponent in real life? And what if your opponent wasn’t even a human, but instead your roommate’s cat? Who do you think would win?

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TikToker Breck Ortiz set out to do just that – and the results were not pretty, to say the least.

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Man fights cat with Street Fighter moves in viral TikTok

Once the “fight” began, Ortiz soon realized that duking it out like a 2D fighter would not be the way to go due to the limited options available to score a hit against the feline opponent.

Not only were his Shoryukens and Hadoukens unable to connect, but neither were his low-kicks, meaning the kitten had a massive advantage.

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“Okay, you literally can’t hit him!” the TikToker complained in the video, noting how his hurtbox was just too small.

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In a rematch clip, Ortiz tried switching things up by attempting some grabs, but even those were completely useless. In the end, the cat managed to “time out” his opponent and earn a W against the human.

“This character is literally so busted + he pooped in my real-life closet,” the TikToker captioned the video.

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Fans of Street Fighter and animals absolutely loved the clips, earning them over 1.5M views in the process. Some even called for the kitten to get nerfed, commenting how a cat would be totally overpowered in a fighting game.

In any case, if you ever get into a fight with a cat, don’t try using moves from Street Fighter. You just won’t win.

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