Insane Street Fighter 5 combo found in Definitive update transforms low-tier character

Lucia in Street Fighter 5Capcom

Street Fighter 5 saw many gameplay changes after implementing the Definitive update. With these changes, most of the game’s roster became new characters – and Lucia is no different.

According to some community members, before the Definitive update made its way into Street Fighter 5 on March 28, the game lacked fascinating combos.

While Street Fighter historically isn’t a heavy-combo fighting game, it also never shied away from making some characters these mentioned archetypes. With the March 28 update, the game seemingly granted a new way to play with the whole roster, giving the fighters new moves in the process.

One player, in particular, has found some new tech with a low-tier character that utilizes the aforementioned changes from the update.

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Lucia in Street Fighter 5 Capcom
Lucia’s new combos are just a fraction of what the Definitive update has changed.

New Lucia combo discovered in Street Fighter 5

Twitter user Kinyoubi103 found a great combo and posted a video to his Twitter page.

Kinyoubi103 puts the new changes on full display, utilizing Lucia and seemingly showing how the Definitive update has made the once low-tier character a fighter with potential.

Lucia was selected with V-Trigger I in the clip and demonstrated a combo that uses her fireball cancel mechanics and rather clever use of the stun gauge.

After racking up 68 hits during the first half of the combo before ending it with a special attack, leaving Blanka stunned, the SF5 player immediately follows up the combo with 14 more hits added to the combo totaling the whole sequence at 82 hits.

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In picking a low-tier character and displaying what is possible with Lucia, it’s safe to say that the limits to what can be done in this seemingly new and improved Street Fighter 5 haven’t been tested out.

It will be interesting to see where the tier-list lands in the coming months and what the community manages to discover in the game after the Definitive update.