TikToker discovers Grandmother’s dusty vintage dress is $43k Dior gown

TikToker discovers grandma's dress is worth thousandsTikTok, Instagram: Adeline Vining

One lucky TikToker turned to the internet for help valuing one of her Grandmother’s old dresses — and it turns out the gown is a genuine Dior from the 40’s.

The internet can be a magical place. With social media connecting the entire world, folks all over the globe can ask others for help with any kind of problem — be it how to play a video game, to see if they’re overreacting about an issue in their lives, or, in this woman’s case, to value her Grandmother’s dress.

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TikTok user Adeline Vining is a bonafide fashionista. She often uploads videos styling outfits and even trying on clothes from her mother’s closet, turning older garments into modern fashion statements.

However, one article of clothing has always eluded her — a black, strapless gown that belonged to her Grandmother.

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Vining says that she found the dress in her Grandfather’s attic after his passing… and took special note of its label, which said ‘Dior.’

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At first, the TikToker had a hard time getting anyone to value the dress or even confirm it was the genuine article. Vining contacted Dior 12 years ago to no avail.

Thus, she turned to the internet to help her out, and managed to get in touch with one Henry Wilkinson, a fashion historian based in London.

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According to Wilkinson, the dress is most likely an earlier design of Christian Dior’s. “The hourglass silhouette was reminiscent of his revolutionary ‘New Look’ that began in 1947,” he said in a statement to Zenger.

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He theorizes that it’s likely from a 1949-1950 autumn collection, and found another gown just like it on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as told in another video from Vining.

That’s not all; he also estimated the value of Vining’s gown at $36,000 to $43,000.

Although Vining has shared a video of herself wearing the stunning dress, she was able to find a photo of her Grandmother wearing it during a dance at a party. One of her viewers even went out of their way to colorize the picture, making for an unforgettable snapshot in time.

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TikTok colorised photoTikTok: adelinevining
A photo of Vining’s Grandmother wearing the gown – which she theorizes was tailored for her, specificially.

Although she was warned against wearing the dress by another fashion historian, she’s tempted to put it on for a possible photoshoot… or even for a single night out for a fancy occasion. Perhaps the Cannes Film Festival?

Cannes festival suggestion comment vining

“Especially after the revelations this week, I feel, perhaps, I CAN wear this. With gratitude, and respect, and love for my grandmother and my mother,” she wrote.

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